Ocean Planet Art of Reyhana

Ocean planet art

A Message from Reyhana (sister of the sea)

Our ocean planet is in great need of repair. Our oceans, rivers, lakes, etc., have become highly toxic due to pollution from daily human activity. This includes littering, dumping of chemicals, exhaust from cars, oil spills, and most of all, the burning of coal or fossil fuels. The hazardous chemicals from cars, oil spills, and fossil fuels are released into the air which eventually ends up in our oceans and all water systems. These chemicals are composed of Mercury, and PCB's to name a few. Plastic is now being produced on a very large scale for a wide variety of products. Plastic bags, milk containers, disposable water bottles, even toys are just some of the plastic materials(and mostly used)that end up in our oceans and water ways after thrown away. Many people deliberately dispose of these things directly on the beaches and in our lakes, rivers, and oceans. Plastic  never biodegrades or disolves. In the ocean It just keeps breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces. It's amazing how much plastic is found in a single jar of sea water. The bits of broken down plastic become so small that to a fish it looks like krill and is eaten floating among the real krill. A larger preditor will eat that fish-and so on up the food chain. We humans are on top of that. When we eat fish, we are getting the same plastic in our body! The mercury from fossil fuels is the same. The larger preditor that ate the previous one, will have 10 times more murcury content in its body! This is how it works. The murcury increased 10 times each time.

Humans are overfishing. Forty years from now if we don't stop the entire planet's fish market is heading for a collapse. More than half of the fish caught is not even sold. It gets spoiled and thrown away. Our ocean animals are in a great danger of threat from humans not only by pollution, but loss of habitat and hunting. Yes, even hunting/poaching still goes on in our time. Many marine animals are highly protected in some areas and illegal. Sadly not everyone in this world abides by the rules.

 My paintings are a window to the ocean world. A world that I and many others who agree the oceans should remain as they are meant to be. A natural world with clean and healthy water. Therefore healthy animals as well. If the water is not healthy the animals and also we can not survive. Water is the largest supporter of life on the only planet we've got. We must clean up our acts to take care of it.

What you see in my painting is the way the oceans are supposed to be. Beautiful and clean. It is my hope that when you look at the beauty you'll want to keep it that way and save our animals from pollution, habitat loss and hunting. So dive in and enjoy my work. Thank you for visiting! God Bless you.


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